How to Order from Enterprise Mobility


NEW FSSI Wireless program launches:

Use this new mobility solution on MAS Information Technology -- the enhanced Special Item Number (SIN) 132-53 allows you to purchase a broader portfolio of Wireless Mobility Solutions (WMS). This program replaces the expiring Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Wireless Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs).

Note: If you've already placed a task order against the BPAs, you can exercise your option to extend through 2023.

How to Order FSSI Wireless

1. Gather your agency’s requirements

Work with your agency to assess its requirements. Use the Data Survey Template [XLSX - 36 KB] to gather your agency’s service plan requirements. If your agency has additional requirements, such as security or other customized services, a statement of work may be appropriate to describe those requirements.

2. Request information from contractors

If your agency is not sure how to best define the task order to meet the requirements, your agency can first convey requirements and objectives to the contractors and request their suggestion(s). After reviewing the contractors’ responses, your agency can develop the Request for Quote (RFQ). Use the RFQ Template [DOCX - 80 KB] , if desired.

As an additional aid for market research, GSA offers the Wireless Savings Calculator to estimate the costs of services.

3. Issue the solicitation

Ensure fair opportunity in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) part 8.405-3(c)(2). If the task order is above the micro-purchase threshold, you must provide equal consideration for all FSSI Wireless contractors.

The best way to do this is through eBuy.

Alternatively, you can contact each of the contractors directly.

4. Evaluate quotes.

5. Make the award and manage the task order.

How to Order Mobile Device Management & Application Management Solutions

Decisions related to MDM include:

  • How mobile technology will support the organization’s mission;
  • What platforms to support;
  • What technologies will be used to support mobile devices;
  • What applications to deploy; and
  • Who will manage the solution.

The FSSI Wireless BPAs are an ideal vehicle under which to procure Mobile Device Management solutions. The FSSI Wireless BPAs were established for agencies to procure and manage wireless services across government in a more cost-effective and efficient way. Potential sources of supply are available to help you identify providers of MDM and MAM solutions. The MDM MAM evaluation tool [XLSX - 44 KB] and MDM MAM Requirements Document [PDF - 861 KB] will assist you in evaluating agency needs.

How to Order Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) Services

The GSA Enterprise Mobility Program is focused on helping government agencies acquire enterprise mobility solutions, including TEM Solutions, more quickly, at a lower cost and with less risk.

The primary method to procure TEM solutions is GSA MAS Information Technology. All vendors on the list of potential sources are also identified as small business concerns, and are therefore accessible through other means. The FSSI Wireless BPA can be used as a source of TEM solutions as wireless carriers are capable of addressing some, though not all, of the available functionality. If you are an agency that already has a good grasp of your mobile assets and expenses, and are capable of managing dispute resolution independently, this would be a vehicle to consider in contracting for TEM services.

Difficulties can occur if your agency deploys multiple carriers. In more complex scenarios, you may want to consider TEM providers with a broader set of capabilities and leverage MAS (or other vehicles) for the TEM portion of your procurement while anchoring your carrier services and devices in FSSI wireless.

Last Reviewed: 2020-06-30