Internet of Things & Other Mobile Services

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Examine how the concept of the Internet of Things can help your agency fulfill its needs by analyzing a network of objects such as cyber physical devices, information, resources & people, or by sharing information and interacting with the physical world through sensors and actuators.

Access vendors who offer other services not commonly used across agency enterprises due to unique usage, features, niche application or legacy technology requirements.

Contractor Listings

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • The design, development, operation, or maintenance of an infrastructure of networked components comprised of computing resources, digital sensors, actuators, and human interfaces that are combined into systems to achieve specific goals.
  • Other/Mobile Services
    • Examples include: paging, short-term rental/disposable endpoint component, and satellite-only communications providers. Vendors under 132-53 prior to SIN rewrite, who DO NOT fall under the subcategories, 1-10, will be placed under subcategory 11, (Other/Mobile Services).

See a listing of available sources of supply for the IOT Category (SIN 517312 subcategory 10 and 11). Industry partners who would like to be added should complete the Modification Checklist [DOCX - 20 KB].

Last Reviewed: 2020-12-29