Legacy FSSI Wireless BPAs

The FSSI Wireless BPAs expired November 20, 2018. Although no new awards may be made, modifications to existing task orders are allowed. In addition, option years may be exercised through 2023. For additional information please visit the FAQs.

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Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Wireless BPA Industry Partners
Company BPA Numbers (these differ from the Schedule 70 contract numbers) Information
AT&T Mobility LLC GS00Q13NSA3000

Mark Menikheim

Sprint* GS00Q13NSA3001 SprintGSAFSSIWireless@sprint.com
T-Mobile, Inc. GS00Q13NSA3002 Paul Connelly
Verizon Wireless GS00Q13NSA3003 FSSIPricingRequests@VerizonWireless.com
Or David Forston

*Sprint's GSA Schedule 70 Contract No. GS-35F-0329L expired April 5, 2016. Sprint will not be accepting new orders as of that date.

Legacy FSSI Wireless BPA Resources

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