MDM & MAM Solutions

mobile phone security key concept

Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management (MDM/MAM) tools deployed enterprisewide have become a key focus for federal agencies as security has become a top priority.

GSA and a cross-government team identified a set of MDM/MAM functional requirements [PDF - 861 KB] .

We also identified potential solutions that you can order through existing governmentwide contracts to meet those requirements.

The MDM/MAM solutions are designed to:

  • Enable wireless assets to become fully integrated components of the IT enterprise;
  • Improve security, integration, and mobile application adoption;
  • Securely manage mobile devices and platforms;
  • Increase access to data, applications, and services;
  • Comply with federal policies and administrative initiatives; and
  • Deliver comprehensive core functions to manage your wireless devices and applications.

Resources are available to help you find and procure MDM/MAM solutions:

We continually look at ways to grow, scale, evaluate, and improve new technologies and will add new features when available.

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