Mobile Device and Application Management Core Functions

Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management (MDM/MAM) solutions have comprehensive core functions that make them indispensable for agencies to manage mobile assets.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Device management and other mobile management functions, including operations, policy, security, configuration, mobile network performance, application support (application performance, version control, distribution, etc.), and mobile data management (on devices).

Mobile Application Management (MAM) - Mobile application management (MAM) and mobile application store (MAS) management to perform application monitoring, reporting, security, and deployment.

MDM/MAM Integration - Activities relating to integration, transition, deployment, and operations of an MDM/MAM solution within an agency's infrastructure.

What does each core function entail?

• Device enrollment;
• Profile provisioning;
• Profile management;
• Multi-profiles per device;
• Feature management;
• Multi-OS support;
• Device remote control- on/off , track/control camera/microphone/
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, roaming, geofencing;
• Data collection;
• Secure data, files, applications;
• Multi-email support;
• Personal information management (PIM) support;
• Automated security checks;
• Provision, control, track devices;
• Device reporting;
• VOIP, video, real-time chat support;
• Coop and disaster recovery;
• Wipe data/apps, and
• Classified data, PIV, Biometric, Network monitoring

• Controlled application deployment;
• Enable/disable commercial app stores;
• Installed application reporting;
• Blocking application purchases;
• Application whitelisting /blacklisting;
• Enterprise mobile app store (MAS);
• Application security;
• Mutual authentication;
• Detect/enforce device environment conditions;
• Require app digital signatures;
• Third-party app mutual authentication, and
• Software integration services

• Support for implementation and installation, including deployment, transition, system integration, training, and
• Operations support such as a help desk, a demonstration platform, and enterprise configuration

Additional information can be found in the following resources:

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