FSSI Wireless Offerings

The FSSI Wireless program offers a variety of devices to choose from, bundled with the service, including 4th-generation smartphones, cellphones, and broadband data devices.

Standardized wireless and cellular domestic service plans across all BPA vendors

Voice Only Data Add-on Data Only
Metered Metered Metered
100, 400, 900 minutes
Add On
50MB, 500MB, 5GB
50MB, 500MB, 5GB
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Infrastructure/subsystems and accessories

  • Licenses and support for management, security, enterprise messaging, and disposal and disposition reporting.
  • Network connectivity and other coverage enhancements.

Business portal interface allows an agency to integrate its management system for improved access to vendor data for ordering, inventory, billing, and reporting.

Sharing of best-practices for the efficient adoption of centralized purchasing, MDM, Telecommunications Expense Management Services (TEMS), and similar applications.

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