Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS) 3

Special Alert:

Originally set to expire on or before May 2020, GSA extended the current telecommunications contracts until May 2023. Agencies should focus on meeting transition-related timelines noted below. Use of the extended contracts will be further restricted by the limitations process and the freeze on modifications and orders. Read more about this in the letter to all Agency Transition Sponsors [PDF - 139 KB] from GSA's Office of Information Technology Category.

  • -- October 1, 2020: Freeze on modifications to Networx and WITS3 and on orders for the Local Service Contracts.
  • -- March 31, 2021: 50% of agencies’ telecom inventory must be off current contracts and moved to EIS.
  • -- March 31, 2022: 90% of agencies’ telecom inventory must be off current contracts and moved to EIS.
  • -- September 30, 2022: 100% of agencies’ telecom inventory must be off current contracts and moved to EIS.
  • -- May 31, 2023: Networx, WITS3, and Local Service telecom contracts expire.

  • NEW: Read the Project Plan for Closeout of Transition [PDF - 3 MB] to EIS to understand GSA's approach for enforcing the eligibility condition for the extension of the expiring contracts and ensuring all services are disconnected from the expiring contracts by May 2023. The Networks Authorized User List (NAUL) [XLSX - 88 KB] specifies the agencies authorized by GSA to use the extended contracts (see Section H.2.3a and b of those contracts). As GSA implements the Closeout Project, the NAUL is revised and updated here.
  • The WITS 3 contract is managed by the National Capital Region (NCR) Network Services Division. Customers may choose from a variety of telecom services available to all the federal agencies in Washington DC and surrounding Maryland and Virginia counties. WITS 3 services may be expanded to certain communities of interest outside these geographical boundaries.

    Required Funding Documents

    Please forward all MIPRs to include Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) and Line of Accounting (LOA) to the R11fundingdocuments@gsa.gov.

    NOTE : All funding documents MUST BE UPDATED EVERY FISCAL YEAR by WITS3 Customers. It is incumbent on ALL Customers to provide their updated funding document(s) to email box: R11fundingdocuments@gsa.gov . The funding document MUST include Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) and Line Of Accounting (LOA) for the FIscal Year.

    Basic Acquisition Strategy

    • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 15 negotiated award(s) contract
    • Indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ), firm fixed price contract
    • Base period of four (4) years with four (4) one-year options
    • Contract ceiling is $1.8 Billion

    Products and Services

    The WITS 3 vendors, Level 3 and Verizon [nongovernment websites] offer a comprehensive suite of commercially available telecom and IT products and services to over 140 government agencies.

    Services include:

    • VoIP
    • Data
    • Analog/Digital Trunk
    • Equipment/CPE
    • Conferencing
    • Installation Services
    • Professional Services
    • Cloud Services

    Find out How to Order

    Get product and service pricing information using the WITS 3 Public Pricer.

    Value and Ease-Of-Use To Federal Customers

    NCR’s Network Services Division provides WITS 3 contract management and administration as well as customer service, operations support, and technical assistance. WITS 3 acquisition benefits include but are not limited to the following:

    • Reduced pricing over market and other GSA contracting vehicles..
    • Direct or centralized billing options.
    • 24x7 vendor web portal access for direct ordering of products and service.
    • Support of key technologies and government initiatives such as Cloud and Telework.
    • Service/product ordering and delivery support.
    • Service trouble and repair support.
    • Agency account management.

    Visit the Telecommunications Services Customer Support page to find acquisition and account management support.

    The shortcut for this page is gsa.gov/wits3.

    Last Reviewed: 2020-07-09