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Originally set to expire on or before May 2020, GSA extended the current telecommunications contracts until May 2023. Agencies should focus on meeting transition-related timelines noted below. Use of the extended contracts will be further restricted by the limitations process and the freeze on modifications and orders. Read more about this in the letter to all Agency Transition Sponsors [PDF - 139 KB] from GSA's Office of Information Technology Category.

  • -- October 1, 2020: Freeze on modifications to Networx and WITS3 and on orders for the Local Service Contracts.
  • -- March 31, 2021: 50% of agencies’ telecom inventory must be off current contracts and moved to EIS.
  • -- March 31, 2022: 90% of agencies’ telecom inventory must be off current contracts and moved to EIS.
  • -- September 30, 2022: 100% of agencies’ telecom inventory must be off current contracts and moved to EIS.
  • -- May 31, 2023: Networx, WITS3, and Local Service telecom contracts expire.

Best In Class BadgeOMB announced the designation of Networx as Best-In-Class. The BIC-designation for both Enterprise and Universal Networx Contracts represents a preferred governmentwide solution and provides a unique opportunity to leverage the government's buying power.

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  • NEW: Read the Project Plan for Closeout of Transition [PDF - 3 MB] to EIS to understand GSA's approach for enforcing the eligibility condition for the extension of the expiring contracts and ensuring all services are disconnected from the expiring contracts by May 2023. The Networks Authorized User List (NAUL) [XLSX - 88 KB] specifies the agencies authorized by GSA to use the extended contracts (see Section H.2.3a and b of those contracts). As GSA implements the Closeout Project, the NAUL is revised and updated here.

Acquisition Objective

To provide access to a broad range of domestic and international network services to federal agencies at the lowest possible price.

Networx has contracts with the following industry leaders:

  • AT&T Inc.;
  • CenturyLink Inc.;
  • Level 3 Communications; and
  • Verizon Communications.

These contracts are designed to bring state-of-the-art network solutions to federal agencies. The program consists of two sets of acquisitions through which federal agencies can obtain services.

Networx Industry Partners

Networx Universal

Networx Universal is designed to provide federal agencies a full range of Network Services through AT&T, CenturyLink, and Verizon (nongovernment websites).

Networx Enterprise

Networx Enterprise is also designed to provide federal agencies a range of Network Services with a special focus on access arrangements. The suppliers on Enterprise include AT&T, CenturyLink, Level 3, and Verizon (nongovernment websites).

To select a supplier, contracting officers at federal agencies make a fair opportunity [PDF - 348 KB] decision based on factors that suit agency needs - including price, past performance, technical requirements or any other criteria deemed fit by the agency.

The Networx acquisition has predefined service level agreements [PDF - 670 KB] for each service type. This enables the agency to know what to expect from suppliers and allows a high level of reliability for mission critical needs.

Business Volume

For all of FY19 (Oct-Sep), federal agencies purchased $1.968 Billion on Networx, which represents a 6.1 percent increase compared to the same period in FY18.

Networx Benefits

One of the missions of GSA is to use the purchasing power of government to drive down prices and reduce costs for agencies. GSA closely and continually evaluates how Networx is meeting this mission, especially around the area of pricing. For FY19 Overall (October-Sep), the Networx program has saved taxpayers and agency users approximately $675.5 Million on telecommunications compared to best commercial prices, totaling $6 Billion in cumulative savings since 2007.

Unique Services

Networx offers managed security services through the Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services (MTIPS) program, which complies with the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) initiative.

Managed Network Services (MNS) is another unique offering where the supplier provides overall management of an agency's infrastructure including:

  • Complete data, voice and security solutions; and
  • Protect agencies against constantly evolving security threats.

If you need assistance or guidance, please contact your agency's Customer Support representatives.

Top Services Breakdown

Service mix breakdown for the top Networx services for FY19.
Service FY19 Percentage of Overall business volume Business Volume Growth FY19 vs. FY18
Network based IP VPN (NBIPVPN) $994,297,784 50.5% 11.2%
Managed Network Services (MNS) $273,127,472 13.9% -6.0%
Private Line Service (PLS) $121,474,450 6.2% -6.4%
Toll Free Services (TFS) $105,157,207 5.3% -0.9%
Customer Specific Design & Engineering (CSDES) $88,167,581 4.5% 24.1%

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