Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Products and Services

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Our Best-in-Class SATCOM contracts — Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3) and Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions on Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) — can help federal, state, local, and tribal governments maintain essential and secure communications where no wire line or wireless base exists.

We offer Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) and custom solutions like:

  • Mobile, fixed, and broadcast satellite services in any commercially available frequency band or satellite constellation
  • Quick deployment for emergency response or disaster recovery communications
  • Support for continuity of operations (COOP) and distance learning

Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3)

Ceiling: $2.5B
Contract type: multiple award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ)
Task order type: fixed-price or time and materials
Period of performance: 5 years with one 3-year and one 2-year option period

CS3 (which replaces the expired CS2 and CS2-SB contracts) can help your agency build large, complex, custom satellite solutions:

  • Interactive Services that connect multiple locations in a real-time two-way interactive network
  • Continuity and Emergency Responder Operations that establish and deploy a secondary communications infrastructure if your primary infrastructure is disrupted by hazards
  • Broadcast Satellite Services that collect voice, video, or data into one central site and distributing that information to multiple fixed or mobile locations
  • Fleet and Asset Tracking and Reporting Services that track fleet equipment (e.g., sensors) or other assets using real-time location and status information
  • Steady State Operations that provide complete, customized, enduring engineering solutions for sustaining base communications services and infrastructure
  • Direct Customer Operations that create satellite-based communications infrastructures to support specific customer operations

Support small business with CS3

CS3 allows you to include additional small businesses to your contract and ensure their inclusion throughout its lifetime. Large businesses must submit small business subcontracting plans as part of their proposals, and ordering activities can set aside requirements exclusively for small businesses.

Federal Contracting Officers must complete training and receive a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) prior to awarding task orders.

The FAR Clause 52.217–8 Option to Extend Services cannot be used to extend work past October 15, 2032. Task orders can be issued until October 15, 2032 only when

  • orders are issued before October 15, 2027
  • options are included when you initially issue the order

Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions on Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

You can order a wide variety of commercial satellite products and services from the Multiple Award Schedule Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions SIN 517410, including:

  • Leased commercially available satellite bandwidth (transponded capacity)
  • Shared or private satellite subscription/managed services
  • Satellite phone services

Buying Equipment on COMSATCOM

In general, you cannot buy satellite terminals under the COMSATCOM SINs unless equipment is included as part of the subscription services price. You can buy equipment under SIN 33411, including equipment required to ensure compatibility and connectivity with a contractor's network.


Last Reviewed: 2023-02-07