Request a CS3 Delegation of Procurement Authority

GSA continues to ensure customer adherence to acquisition best practices with CS3 and will help customers properly navigate the CS3 vehicle by providing task order scope reviews and assistance with setting up task orders.

To issue task order on CS3, a warranted contracting officer (appointed according to FAR 1.603) or an official authorized to obligate funds for the agency must get a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) for CS3. The DPA clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities between the GSA CS3 contracting officer and the ordering contracting officer.

Fill out the form below to request a DPA.

DPA requestors must provide a .gov or .mil email address. If you do not have a .gov or .mil work email address, please contact the CS3 Contracting Officer at for assistance in requesting a DPA.

Before requesting a DPA

Before you can request a DPA, you must review these documents:

Following the DPA request submission

After requesting a DPA:

  • We will review the completed form and start the DPA
  • You should receive an official DPA letter within two business days
  • After receiving the DPA, you will be able to issue task orders on CS3
Contact information
Have you reviewed these documents?
Have you reviewed the CS3 Customer Ordering Guide [PDF - 1 MB]?
Have you reviewed the Delegation of Procurement Authority Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)?
Do you need assistance with a current or future SATCOM requirement?
I represent that I am the individual whose information appears above.
By completing and submitting this request, I accept and agree to the terms of the delegation of procurement authority found in the applicable Delegation of Procurement Authority Letter and will fulfill the roles and responsibilities identified therein.
I represent that I am a duly appointed contracting officer per FAR Part 1.603 or authorized official with authority to obligate funds for the agency (or tribe, or other entity authorized to use the contract per GSA Order OGP 4800.2I).
Last Reviewed: 2021-05-11