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COMSATCOM on MAS Industry Partners

You can view industry partners on services offered through MAS Information Technology through COMSATCOM's eLibrary.

Submit an Offer

MAS Information Technology is open to new offers from industry partners. Read our Guide to Preparing a Schedule Offer for instructions on how to respond to the solicitation.

To sell transponded capacity or satellite subscription services through MAS Information Technology, you must submit your offer or modification through the eOffer/eMod system. MAS Information Technology is continually open to new offers from industry partners. Download the MAS Information Technology announcement for instructions on how to respond to the solicitation.

All offers must submit an Information Assurance Minimum Security Control Checklist [DOC - 405 KB].

Submit a Modification

Read the COMSATCOM modification checklist for the addition of Special Item Numbers (SINs) 132-54 and 132-55 [PDF - 125 KB].

CS3 Industry Partners

Contractor Contract Number Contact
AIS Engineering, Inc. GS00Q17NRD4001
Artel, LLC GS00Q17NRD4002
By Light Professional IT Services LLC GS00Q17NRD4003
Comsat Inc. GS00Q17NRD4004
CopaSAT, LLC GS00Q17NRD4005
DRS Global Enterprise Solutions GS00Q17NRD4006
Globecomm Systems Inc. 47QTCE18D0001
Hughes Network Systems, LLC GS00Q17NRD4007
Incident Communication Solutions, LLC (d/b/a Peake) GS00Q17NRD4008
Inmarsat Government, Inc. GS00Q17NRD4014
Intelsat General Corporation GS00Q17NRD4009
Knight Sky LLC GS00Q17NRD4010
LBiSat LLC GS00Q17NRD4011
Lepton Global Solutions, LLC GS00Q17NRD4012
RiteNet Corp GS00Q17NRD4013
SES Government Solutions, Inc. GS00Q17NRD4015
Signal Mountain Networks, Inc. GS00Q17NRD4020
TeleCommunication Systems Inc. GS00Q17NRD4016
Trace Systems, Inc. GS00Q17NRD4017
TrustComm, Inc. GS00Q17NRD4018
UltiSat, Inc. GS00Q17NRD4019
U.S. Electrodynamics, Inc. 47QTCE18D0002
Last Reviewed: 2022-12-08