Enterprise Mobility Benefits

The Enterprise Mobility program saves time and money for agencies purchasing and managing wireless services, plans, and devices. Best practices and expert help are readily available.

Save Time - Save time because you don’t have to write requirements, do market research, and assess solutions. We’ve already done it for you. We’ve established how to procure mobile through existing governmentwide vehicles. And, time is money.

Save Money – FSSI wireless customers are achieving wireless savings of up to 30 percent. You save even more when you leverage Enterprise Mobility resources that save time you can use for other things.

Contracting Officers (COs) have access to our baseline pricing so you’re in a better position to negotiate price points with the solution providers. In addition, always request discounts from listed prices. We identify an upper-most threshold for pricing, and the vendor partners will compete for your business by discounting these price points.

Benefit Enterprisewide – One of the best parts about our Enterprise Mobility program is it supports large, agency-wide ordering, billing, and management. Agencies are using the program to consolidate and manage wireless lines enterprisewide and eliminate hundreds of redundant accounts.

Get Expert Help - Our team understands your technical needs. We have documented best practices for buying and managing wireless in our document library. We’ll walk you through the options available as you develop your acquisition strategy.

For assistance anytime, contact Wireless@gsa.gov.

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