Electronic Occupancy Agreement (eOA)

Electronic Occupancy Agreement (eOA)

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eOA is compatible with Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Before attempting to access eOA, customers must obtain a Username and Password by following the eOA User Account Request Process detailed below.

About Electronic Occupancy Agreement

The Occupancy Agreement (OA) is a complete, concise statement of the specific financial terms and conditions by which a Customer occupies GSA-controlled space, whether it is government-owned or leased by GSA on the Customer’s behalf. When a project is initiated, a draft OA is created. Designed to provide the greatest amount of flexibility and choice, the OA documents the Customer’s requirements as they evolve. It provides important information to guide decision making with regard to budget and other issues. It also records and finalizes all the agreed-upon terms and conditions of tenant occupancy, so that the Customer and GSA enter the agreement with the same understanding and expectations. The OA lets the Customer see what its costs will be and how various decisions will affect its rent bill.

Electronic Occupancy Agreement (eOA) is a Customer-facing application where real-time Occupancy Agreement information and documentation is available to enhance the Customer experience and support decision making.

Key Features

  • Search OAs within designated Agency Bureau codes.
  • Select and run report(s) tabulating financial and clause information.
  • Preview rate calculations on the OA.
  • Preview a merged OA before billing.

eOA User Account Request Process

1. Complete the eOA User Account Request Form [DOCX - 29 KB]. Use the List of Agency Bureau Codes (ABCs) below to help complete the on-line form. The "eOA User Account Request Form" link above opens a MS Word document. If you are unable to open the link above, please email us to complete the "eOA User Account Request Form."

Please Note: Only select Agency Bureau Codes (ABC's) listed on the attachment below.

eOA Agency Bureau Codes [XLS - 126 KB]

GSA IT General Rules of Behavior [PDF - 253 KB]

IT Rules of Behavior for External Users [DOCX - 21 KB]

2. Complete the "eOA Application Clearance Verification Form [DOCX - 30 KB]". This form is required by GSA's Personnel Security Office. Because this form requests Personally Identifiable Information (PII), please share it with your Agency's Personnel Security office (or Human Resources Office) and GSA's Personnel Security Office only. Full instructions on how to securely send this information to GSA are provided on the form below. Steps 1 and 2 of the eOA User Account Request Process are separated due to the PII captured in Step 2. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but we are serious about protecting your PII and want to ensure it is reviewed only by those with proper authorization.

3. After your request has been processed and all approvals have been granted, the GSA National Application Helpdesk will send a verification to the email address provided in Step 1. Follow the steps in the verification email to finalize your account.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26