Inventory of Owned and Leased Properties

Notice: The IOLP map tool is currently down and corrective action is being taken to resolve the issue.

Use the IOLP map tool to view data for GSA owned and leased properties.
Internet Explorer users- use IE 10 or newer to access full functionality

Download the full inventory of Owned and Leased Buildings

Open and expand the map in a new window

Read how to navigate this tool [PDF - 717 KB]

View specific information on each of GSA’s properties such as:

  • Vacant space
  • Rentable square feet
  • Physical location
  • Square footage
  • Lease effective and expiration dates
  • Congressional District

Using the following pre-defined searches::

  • Senator or Representative Name (Owned or Leased)
  • State or Congressional District (Owned or Leased)
  • Lease Property Search by geography, lease expiration, available space (Leased Only)
  • Owned Property Search by geography or available space (Owned only)

Open and expand the map in a new window

The shortcut to this page is

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