eOffer/eMod is a web based application that allows industry partners to prepare and submit their GSA Schedule offers/Schedule contract modification requests electronically. eOffer/eMod uses the latest digital authentication technology to ensure the integrity of data and to electronically sign the offer (proposal) or modification request. Digital certificates are required in order to use eOffer/eMod.


eOffer/eMod improves the proposal or modification process by:

  • Introducing an easy-to-use, progressive screen design for submitting a Schedule proposal;
  • Guiding users through each step of the solicitation and modification process;
  • Automating the submittal process by electronically transferring the completed proposal/modification request to the contracting office; and
  • Electronically signing documents.

Customer Assistance

  • Technical Problems: Industry partners who have technical questions, are experiencing technical problems, or have suggestions about how GSA may better serve them may contact GSA by calling 866-472-9114 or by sending an email to eoffer@gsa.gov.
  • Contracting Issues: Industry partners who have questions relating to the solicitation should contact the representative in the solicitation or their GSA contracting official.

The shortcut to this page is www.gsa.gov/eoffer.

Last Reviewed: 2018-04-06