GovSales is an example of the Federal Asset Sales initiative, which is one of the President’s Expanding Electronic Government initiatives, and it is one of the five E-Government initiatives managed by GSA. GovSales's mission is to create a secure, efficient, and effective online marketplace that will serve as a single-point for the public to find and buy federal assets.

Each year the federal government sells billions of dollars of surplus, seized, forfeited, and exchange/sale assets. GovSales is a centralized, citizen-centered website created to make it easy for people and businesses to locate government assets for sale. It also enhances the visibility of those assets.

GovSales objectives are to:

  • Make it easier for citizens and businesses to find and buy government assets;
  • Increase agencies' net proceeds from asset sales;
  • Decrease agencies' expenses related to asset sales;
  • Accelerate asset sales time;
  • Leverage economies of scale and reach a broader customer base; and
  • Take advantage of market driven "best in class" practices and solutions.

All agencies now sell their unwanted assets using the Sales Center (SC) market-driven approach for asset sales. For more information on the GovSales initiative, please refer to the "Contacts" box to the right.

Watch this video to learn more about GovSales and how it works.

Note: This video is hosted by a nongovernment commercial site.

Last Reviewed: 2019-01-04