GovSales Contacts

GSA's Federal Asset Sales seeks to engage all agencies from the federal government. Select agencies are designated as "sales centers" to sell government assets on behalf of federal agencies participating in the initiative. The following agencies are sales centers, although more agencies may be selected in the future:

  • Department of Agriculture, Centralized Excess Property Operation.
  • Department of Defense.
  • Department of Interior, Aviation Management Division.
  • Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service & Asset Forfeiture Division.
  • Department of Justice, U.S. Marshal Service.
  • General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service, Sales Program Division.

Sales centers vary by type and geographic area of property sold. The tables below indicate participating agencies and their principal contacts.

Personal Property

Sales Center Commodity Contact Email
USDA Personal Property Joe Govan
Interior Aircraft Steven Etzel
Defense DoD Surplus Becky Bellinger
Treasury IRS Forfeiture Robert Hense
Treasury Vehicles Phyllis Smith
Marshals Forfeited Jason Martinez
Marshals Forfeited Angela Villarroel
GSA All Michael Wyckoff

Real Property

Sales Center Location Contact Email
USDA CONUS Michael Sutton
HUD CONUS Melissa Forbes
VA CONUS George Galla
GSA CONUS Laura Scaletti
State Dept. International Patrick Flanagan
Last Reviewed: 2019-01-03