MySales provides federal agencies with the ability to manage their personal property inventory. Federal agencies can check the status of their surplus, exchange/sale, and forfeited property that has been reported to GSA for sale.

Definitions of each status in MySales


The property has completed the 21 day screening process in GSAXcess and has moved over to GSA’s sales database called MySales. For Exchange Sale, property has either completed the two (2) day screening process in GSAXcess, or it has been manually entered from an SF-126. Property in Available status can be assigned to a sale at any point by the Sales office.


The property has been assigned to a sale and the sale is either waiting to start or has already been uploaded to GSA Auctions. The sale/lot number is located under “status” and can be found in GSA Auctions.


The sale has ended and there is a successful bidder of the property. The successful bidder has two (2) business days to pay, and 10 days to remove the property.


The successful bidder has paid for the property.


The successful bidder has removed the property from the property location.


The owning agency has withdrawn their property from Sales. Only approved property managers will have the right to withdraw property on their agency’s behalf.


The property has been returned to the owning agency for various reasons; i.e., there were no bids for the item, no value was determined for item, etc.

Last Reviewed: 2021-09-14