Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS)

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Professional users will be required to modify your Java TLS settings each time the latest version of Java is installed.

Request User Name, Password Reset or Account Setup

If you forgot your CHRIS User Name or Password, please click on the link below:

New employees must be processed in CHRIS to be able to set up their CHRIS account. If you are unable to set up your account, contact your HR Office.

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Note to GSA Managers: A training course on the CHRIS Manager View tool is currently available in GSA's DigitalGov University (DGU). To locate the training course, type CHRIS under course search.

GSA’s Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS) e-Tool enables employees to access their personnel files online.

CHRIS is the automated tool used by GSA Human Resource (HR) professionals, and its client agencies to document employment history. CHRIS Personal View provides GSA and its client agency employees with the ability to access their updated personnel records from their desktop.

CHRIS System Availability


  • Weekdays (supported): 9 am - 3 pm ET (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Weekdays (unsupported): 5 am - 9 am, 3 pm - 11 pm ET
  • Weekend Availability (unsupported): Sat and Sun: 5 am - 11 pm ET

Not Available:

  • Daily: 11 pm - 5 am ET (System availability on weekends may be impacted by scheduled upgrades or maintenance)

CHRIS Personal Self Service

CHRIS Personal View is a self service functionality for GSA and its client agency employees. Personal View is designed to provide employees with secure access to their personal electronic employment information.

Information in CHRIS Personal View is organized into these electronic file folders:

  • Assignment Information
  • Position Information
  • Personal Information
  • Salary Information
  • Benefits Information
  • Awards and Bonus Information
  • Performance Information
  • Personnel Actions (SF-50s) processed in CHRIS
  • Clearance Information
  • Training History
  • Leave Information

Employees will be notified by email when a personnel action has been processed within CHRIS. Employees can then print a copy of the Notification of Personnel Action (SF50) in CHRIS Personal View. Those users whose agency is not taking advantage of the CHRIS email notification function will still have access to Notification of Personnel Actions for viewing and printing through the Personnel Actions folder in CHRIS Personal View .

If your agency is using the CHRIS Associate Performance Plan and Appraisal System (APPAS), you can access, view, and print your current performance plan, as well as your last three historical performance plans and corresponding appraisals from within CHRIS Personal View. For those users whose agency is not taking advantage of the CHRIS Performance Plan and APPAS, you can still view your current and past Overall Rating data through the Performance Actions folder in your Personal View.

You are encouraged to go online and look at your information today.

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