Approval Requirements

Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) who apply to participate in GSA's Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) are stringently evaluated and assessed.

TSPs must complete an approval application package and be approved to participate in the CHAMP program. TSPs qualify on financial stability, business experience, quality assurance, and knowledge of the Household Goods Tender of Service (HTOS).

Upon approval, a TSP can file rates in response to the Request for Offers (RFO) within their authorized scope during open window filing periods. TSPs can apply to transport either domestic or international shipments or both. GSA's domestic services under CHAMP cover the movement of household goods for relocating federal civilian agency employees within the contiguous United States, including Alaska and Canada. International services under CHAMP apply to door-to-door container movement of household goods in lift vans between the contiguous United States (including Alaska and Canada) and an international country, or between two international countries. A TSP must provide complete through service from origin residence to destination residence by surface ocean means.

To become an approved CHAMP carrier:

  • Download the Household Goods Application Instructions (below);
  • Download the Domestic Application (below), if applicable;
  • Download the International Application (below), if applicable; and
  • Submit the completed application and documentation as required in the instruction document.

GSA will notify TSPs of their approval status within 60 days of receipt by GSA of their completed package. Below you will find instructions and the application forms to become an approved TSP in the CHAMP program.

Household Goods Application Instructions [PDF - 69 KB]

HHG International Application [XLSX - 228 KB]

HHG Domestic Application [XLSX - 156 KB]

Last Reviewed: 2020-07-10