Move Management Services

Move Management is the end-to-end process of moving an employee’s personal property. Move Management Services can also include entitlement and pre-move counseling, carrier selection, bill of lading preparation, shipment booking, service performance and prepayment audits, claims preparation, and on-site quality control. These services can be purchased from a CHAMP Transportation Service Provider through TMSS or through a Schedule 48 Contractor.

CHAMP General (G) Rates vs. Move Management (M) Rates

  • G-rates: Include standard packing, line haul, and delivery with no move management services. Choose G-rates if you have sufficient staff and resources in-house to coordinate your employees’ moves.
  • M-rates: Include standard packing, line haul, and delivery, plus move management services. M-rates may also include entitlement and pre-move counseling, carrier selection, preparation of bills of lading, shipment booking, claims preparation services, etc. Choose M-rates for a comprehensive, end-to-end, household goods shipping management solution.

Procuring Move Management Services

There are two ways to procure move management services:

  1. Using Move Management (M) Rates in CHAMP - CHAMP TSP’s may offer move management services and file M rates. For agencies to procure move management through CHAMP, they are encouraged to establish a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the TSP(s) they select. The Household Goods Tender of Service contains a sample MOA in Appendix E. It is important to understand that CHAMP TSPs providing move management are TSPs held to all of the terms and conditions of CHAMP. For example, they are responsible for settling and paying claims. The customer satisfaction survey (GSA Form 3080) completed by the transferring employee is attributed to the CHAMP move manager’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

  2. Using a Schedule Contractor - For this option, the agency establishes a Blanket Purchase Agreement and is charged a move management fee for the move management function. The CHAMP TSP charges the agency CHAMP G rates, so CHAMP savings are passed directly to the agency. No commission may be earned by the Schedule contractor. The Schedule contractor delivers the move management services under the terms of Schedule 48 SIN 653-7 SOW.

Last Reviewed: 2019-06-06