Move Management Services

Move Management is the end-to-end process of moving an employee’s personal property. Move Management Services can also include entitlement and pre-move counseling, carrier selection, bill of lading preparation, shipment booking, service performance and prepayment audits, claims preparation, and on-site quality control. These services can be purchased from a CHAMP Transportation Service Provider through TMSS or through a Schedule 48 Contractor.

CHAMP General (G) Rates vs. Move Management (M) Rates

  • G-rates: Include standard packing, line haul, and delivery with no move management services. Choose G-rates if you have sufficient staff and resources in-house to coordinate your employees’ moves.
  • M-rates: Include standard packing, line haul, and delivery, plus move management services. M-rates may also include entitlement and pre-move counseling, carrier selection, preparation of bills of lading, shipment booking, claims preparation services, etc. Choose M-rates for a comprehensive, end-to-end, household goods shipping management solution.

Procuring Move Management Services

  • There are three ways to procure move management services: 1) using M-rates in CHAMP with an approved CHAMP TSP; 2) using Schedule 48 SIN 653-7 to procure via a contract with commercial pricing; or 3) using a Schedule provider for the move management function who is then required to use CHAMP TSPs G-rates.

Note: When using CHAMP M-rates, it is recommended that the agency establish a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) [PDF - 485 KB] with the service provider to further define the expectations and requirements.

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