FAQs for Long Term Lodging

Here are the FAQs for Long Term Lodging.

  1. What locations do the Long Term Lodging (LTL) contractors cover?

Most of the contractors offer nationwide service; however, there are a few that offer accommodations in select cities. Go to eLibrary, select Schedule 48 from the drop-down menu at the top right of the page, and then select 653-9 to view the list of LTL providers. Open each provider's Contractors/T&C Price List to view coverage areas, services, and more.

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  1. How do I utilize this program as a federal agency?

Determining how to utilize services depends on the complexity of your needs. If a single person is seeking long term needs, he/she should reach out to three (3) vendors and ask for pricing for a length of stay of 30 days or more. If you have multiple persons seeking accommodations for 30+ days or a large group of people with plans to stay for multiple months, you might want to reach out to all of the qualified contractors meeting your location needs using GSA’s eBuy to get the best price and service.

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  1. Where can I access the link to the LTL solicitation?

You can access the LTL solicitation by going to www.fbo.gov, type FBGT-GG-050001-B into the Keyword/Solicitation Box and select the search button.

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  1. How do I participate in the LTL program as a contractor?

Go to the link referenced in question 3, and review the entire solicitation while paying particular attention to the following three segments -- Read Me First, Solicitation, and SIN 653-9, Long Term Lodging.

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  1. After a 30 day stay does my per diem get reduced?

General rules regarding stays of 30 days or more can be found within the Federal Travel Regulation under §301-11.14; however, you should contact an official at your agency to inquire about guidance specific to your agency. For example, recently issued rules for Department of Defense (DoD) employees stipulate that stays of 30 - 180 days are provided 75 percent of the locality rate, 181+ days are given 55 percent of the locality rate. Details can be found in this October 1, 2014, DoD memorandum .

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  1. What is the difference between the LTL and the FedRooms program?

LTL contractors provide fully furnished apartment/condominium properties with the comforts of home (nationwide, in most cases) and FedRooms offers extended stay hotel properties in select areas that typically include a fully equipped kitchenette, one or two bedrooms, along with a living space with a sofa bed. Check out long term stay FedRooms properties at www.fedrooms.com by conducting a search for availability for 30 days or more and perusing the list provided for properties that include “extended” in their name. You should view and compare the rates, amenities and photos to see the specifics of each extended stay property in determining what best meets your needs. Make certain that you select the "View All Rates" button as you will see deeper discounts than the negotiated rates for longer stays. In fact, you can oftentimes see deeper discounts for shorter stays, as well.

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  1. How do you pay for LTL?

LTL can be paid for every 30 days using your government issued travel charge card or with a purchase order. If you have any program related questions and/or concerns, please call (888) 472-5585 or send an email to Travel.Programs@gsa.gov.

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