Dual fares fact sheet

In many City Pairs flights, there are two contract fares, also known as Dual Fares: a highly discounted unrestricted fare (YCA), and a capacity controlled fare (_CA) with an even deeper discount.

Fare information

_CA fares have a limited number of seats, but no other restrictions. _CA seat availability on a particular flight varies carrier-by-carrier and market-by-market.

The _CA airfares allow an agency to save the most money possible, while still enjoying the same top quality service available with YCA fares. Use of the _CA fares is encouraged by the Federal Travel Regulation (Note 3 to 301-10.107).

To maximize possible savings, book early and consider the following:

  • GSA encourages government travelers to book reservations as early as possible to achieve greater savings. The reservation should be made once a traveler decides that a trip is necessary.
  • If travel plans are uncertain, compare the cost between the YCA and _CA fares, compared with the cost of the travel agent’s transaction fee to make ticketing changes. If the differential is small, it may be more cost-effective to book a YCA fare from the start. If not, it may be more beneficial to book a _CA fare and make changes.
  • If travel plans are certain or if the travel schedule is flexible, this is a perfect opportunity to get additional savings by booking a _CA fare. The price differential between YCA and _CA fares varies market-by-market, but can be significant.

The earlier the reservation is made, the greater the chances that an agency will receive additional savings. To find fares, use the City Pair Program search tool.

Last Reviewed: 2022-09-12