City Pair Program (CPP)

The OMB-designated Best-in-Class City Pair Program (CPP) procures and manages discounted air passenger transportation services for federal government travelers. At its inception in 1980 this service covered only 11 markets, and now covers over 12,000 markets. Today, CPP offers four different contract fares.

City Pair Program Benefits

CPP offers government travelers extra features and flexibility when planning official travel, in addition to maintaining deep program discounts. These include:

  • Fully refundable tickets.
  • No advance purchase required.
  • No change fees or cancellation penalties.
  • Stable prices which enables accurate travel budgeting.
  • No blackout dates.
  • Fares priced on one-way routes, permitting agencies to plan multiple destinations.

City Pair Program Contract Fares

Contract Coach Fares
Fare code Fare description
_CA Deeply discounted fare with limited availability
YCA Last seat availability
Other Contract Fares*
Fare code Fare description
_CP Premium economy fare
_CB Business class fare

*Agency approval required to book

More about CPP

GSA Best-in-class logo

CPP is a mandatory use, government-wide program, designated as a Best-In-Class procurement by OMB. The program delivers best value airfares, and ensures federal agencies effectively and efficiently meet their mission.

CPP saves the federal government time and money by maintaining one government-wide air program. At the acquisition level CPP delivers data analysis, compliance, and uses strategic sourcing to optimize its service.

Federal Traveler Information

Travelers should use their authorized travel management system when booking travel. Either the E-Gov Travel Service for civilian agencies, or the Department of Defense myTravel or Defense Travel System. If these services are not fully implemented, travelers should use these links for their authorized Travel Management Center or the Defense Travel Management Office.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-20