Baggage Allowance

Many airlines are charging additional fees for checked baggage. This information is specific to those carriers under the City Program contract. It is intended to provide information and protect travelers under the contracted fares.

As of August 13, 2015, the following is the most up-to-date list of airline checked baggage fees:

(Some of the links below lead to nongovernment websites).

Airline Domestic Commercial Bag Fee First Bag Domestic Commercial Bag Fee Additional Bag International Baggage Fee & Additional Information on Baggage Concerns
Alaska $25 $25 Select Alaska Airlines for more information regarding checked baggage acceptance times, check-in and boarding guidelines and checked bag exceptions.
American $25 $35 Select American Airlines for detailed baggage allowance information (size/dimensions, exceptions, military personnel guidelines, preferred customers, international travel regulations) and more.
Delta $25 $35 Select Delta Airlines for more information regarding U.S. military travel and specifics for checked bags based on flight destination.
Hawaiian $25 $35 Select Hawaiian Airlines for more information regarding travel between the Continental US and Hawaii, travel within the state of Hawaii, online discounts and exemptions including active military and preferred customers.

$20 (online or at kiosk)

$25 (at ticket counter)

$35 Select JetBlue for more information regarding military personnel exemptions, additional baggage fees and domestic and international checked baggage time regulations.
Southwest $0 $0 Select Southwest for more information on screening, weight and size allowance and more.
United $25 $35 For the latest checked baggage updates, please review all relevant baggage information at United Airlines before you travel. To determine first and second checked baggage service charges for your itinerary, use the baggage calculator.

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The most current information on baggage allowance policies can be obtained by checking with your agency's Travel Management Center or Commercial Travel Office, or with the individual airline.

The following Federal Travel Regulation excerpt is applicable to payment of baggage expenses when the respective agency determines the miscellaneous expense is in the interest of the government. Federal Travel Regulation 301.12.2 identifies excess baggage as a miscellaneous expense. You should verify your agency’s policy and procedures regarding miscellaneous expense policy on excess baggage fees.

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