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Mentor-Protégé Program

The GSA Mentor Protege Program is regulated by GSAR 519.70 (  The purpose of the program is to encourage and motivate GSA prime contractors to assist small businesses concerns in all small business categories, enhancing their capability of performing successfully on future GSA contracts and subcontracts.

We highly recommend you take the time to read the policy on this program before taking next steps by visiting: and scrolling down to GSAR 519.70 (gray area) for the “Mentor Protege Program”.

The following is a brief summary of the roles, responsibilities and outcomes of the program.

519.7005  Measurement of program success.

The overall success of the GSA Mentor-Protégé Program encompassing all participating mentors and protégés will be measured by the extent to which it results in:

(a) An increase in the number, dollar value, and percentage of subcontracts awarded to protégés by mentor firms under GSA contracts since the date of entry into the Program. The baseline that demonstrates an increase is determined by comparing the number and total dollar amount of subcontract awards made to the identified protégé firm(s) during the two preceding fiscal years (if any) that are listed in application;

(b) An increase in the number and dollar value of contract and subcontract awards (including percentage of subcontract awards) to protégé firms since the date of the protégé’s entry into the Program (under GSA contracts and contracts awarded by other Federal agencies);

(c) An increase in the number and dollar value of subcontracts awarded to a protégé firm by its mentor firm; and

(d) An increase in subcontracting with protégé firms in industry categories where they have not traditionally participated within the mentor firm’s activity (i.e., the protégé is expanding its field of expertise or is increasing its opportunities in areas where it has not traditionally performed).

(e) Assessments of the semi-annual reports submitted by the mentors and “Lessons Learned” evaluation submitted by the mentors and protégés to the GSA Mentor-Protégé Program Manager.


519.7006  Mentor firms.

(a) Mentors must be:

(1) A large business prime contractor that is currently performing under an approved subcontracting plan as required by FAR 19.7 - Small business mentors are exempted; or

(2) A small business prime contractor that can provide developmental assistance to enhance the capabilities of protégés to perform as contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers;

(b) Must be eligible (not listed in the “Excluded Parties List System”) for U.S. Government contracts and not excluded from the Mentor-Protégé Program under section 519.7014(b);

(c) Must be able to provide developmental assistance that will enhance the ability of protégés to perform as contractors and subcontractors; and

(d) Must provide semi-annual reports detailing the assistance provided and the cost incurred in supporting protégés.


519.7007  Protégé firms.

(a) For selection as a protégé, a firm must be:

(1) A small business concern, small disadvantaged business concern, veteran-owned small business concern, service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern, HUBZone small business concern, or women-owned small business concern;

(2) Small for the NAICS code the prime contractor/mentor assigns to the subcontract; and

(3) Eligible (not listed in the “Excluded Parties List System”) for U.S. Government contracts and not excluded from the Mentor-Protégé Program under section 519.7014(b).

(b) A protégé firm may self-represent to a mentor firm that it meets the requirements set forth in paragraph (a) of this section. Mentors may check the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) at to verify that the self-representation of the potential protégé meets the specified small business and socioeconomic category eligibility requirements (see FAR 19.703(b) and (d)). HUBZone and small disadvantaged business status eligibility and documentation requirements are determined according to 13 CFR Parts 124 and 126.

(c) A protégé firm must not have another formal, active mentor-protégé relationship under GSA’s Mentor-Protégé Program but may have an active mentor-protégé relationship under another agency’s program.



519.7008  Selection of protégé firms.

(a) Mentor firms will be solely responsible for selecting protégé firms. Mentors are encouraged to select from a broad base of small business concerns including small disadvantaged business concerns, women-owned small business concerns, veteran-owned small business concerns, service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns, and HUBZone small business concerns. A protégé must be either a current subcontractor or a newly selected subcontractor for the prime contractor’s GSA contract.

(b) Mentor firms may have more than one protégé. GSA reserves the right to limit the number of protégés participating under each mentor firm.

(c) The selection of protégé firms by mentor firms is not protestable, except for a protest regarding the size or eligibility status of an entity selected by a mentor to be a protégé. Such protests shall be handled in accordance with FAR 19.703(b). The contracting officer shall notify the Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) of the protest.

Once a partnership has been developed, the Mentor as described above, should start the following process:  

  1. Meet with Protege to establish an agreement on the areas of development.  This agreement should be provided in writing to the protege and used to apply for the program. (See GSAM 519.7010 and GSAM 519.7012)

  2. Once the agreement is completed and signed, then the Mentor should submit both the agreement and the application (  to the Program Manager at

  3. The Program Manager will share the submission with the Mentor’s GSA Contracting Officer who will provide feedback and recommendations within 10 days.  The GSA Mentor Protege Program Manager located in the Office of Small Business Utilization will review the submission within 30 days and include the Contracting Officer feedback for OSBU’s  final decision to approve or reject the request.

  4. The mentor should submit an assessment of the agreement (  as outlined in the policy to the GSA Mentor Protege Program Manager that includes the protege feedback and lessons learned.  The GSA Mentor Protege Program Manager may also request a meeting to discuss the assessment.

If you have questions about this program, please send your request to





Mentor-Protege Program Assistance

Office of Small Business Utilization
1-855-OSBUGSA (672-8472)

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