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Buyers’ guide

OASIS+ is ready to meet your agency’s complex, integrated multiple service requirements. The Buyers’ Guide is designed to make buying a smooth and streamlined process, with resources for every part of your journey. Explore the guide below or view the OASIS+ Buyers’ Ordering Guide (printable).

This Buyers’ Guide explains how the OASIS+ contracts can be used to satisfy a wide variety of services requirements. It does not address general contracting issues or concepts unless necessary for complete understanding.

Announcements and upcoming dates

Initial proposal submissions: Closed.

Upcoming dates:

  • Awards issued: OASIS+ contracts are planned to be released on a rolling basis throughout Q3 and Q4 FY 2024. Until we award contracts, it is not possible to buy services.
  • Notice to proceed (ability to buy services): Estimated Q3 FY24.
  • Solicitations open for on-ramping: FY25. They will be continuously open from that point forward.

Visit the OASIS+ Interact Community for additional updates and announcements.

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    Acquisition planning

    Determine if OASIS+ is the right fit

    Familiarize yourself with the OASIS+ scope, domains, labor categories, NAICS codes and additional features to ensure you fully understand the contracts.

    Research the OASIS+ contract features

    Explore which contract is right for you, taking into consideration factors like small business set asides, contract types, period of performance and order limitations.

    Request a scope review

    GSA offers an optional OASIS+ scope review that helps determine if your requirement is within scope of the contract you are considering.

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    Market research

    Complete market research

    Explore the federal market; find data on business utilization, spending and use tools, and opportunities for subcontracting and joint ventures. As part of this, learn about pricing intelligence, scope reviews, and using Symphony Procurement Suite or the free Market Research as a Service (MRAS) resources to conduct Requests for Information (RFIs).

    Register in Symphony

    Familiarize yourself with Symphony and learn how to use it to complete market research.

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    Prepare to develop your solicitation

    Obtain a Delegation of Procurement Authority

    In order to solicit and place task orders under OASIS+, the OCO must obtain a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA).

    Learn how to use Symphony

    Check out our Symphony resources; learn how to build submit proposals, manage task orders, and complete other tasks related to the buying process.

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    Develop the solicitation and award the task order

    Develop and issue the solicitation

    Learn how to review solicitation guidance, confirm solicitation requirements and considerations, create the solicitation in Symphony, and issue the task order solicitation.

    Award the task order

    Learn about the factors and requirements involved in proposal evaluation and task order award consideration.

    Manage the task order

    Understand the process of reassigning task orders for administration, quality assurance, UR subcontracting plans, performance evaluation, and task order closeout.

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Last updated: June 11, 2024