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Review solicitations

Potential sellers are highly encouraged to become familiar with the OASIS+ solicitations. The complete solicitations or Request for Proposals (RFPs) are posted on

Each RFP includes important information including, but not limited to:

  • RFP
  • SF 33
  • RFP Cover Letter and FAQs
  • Provisional Attachments
    • J.J.P-1 OASIS+ Domain Qualifications Matrix and Scorecards
    • J.P-2 FPDS Sample
    • J.P-3 Project Verification Form
    • J.P-4 OASIS+ Domain Auto-Relevant NAICS Codes and PSCs
    • J.P-5 Functional Areas and Sub-Areas
    • J.P-6 Past Performance Rating Form
    • J.P-7 Joint Venture Work and Qualifications Template
    • J.P-8 Direct Labor Rates
    • J.P-9 Cost Price Templates
  • Contract Attachments
    • J-1 OASIS+ Labor Categories and Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Classifications
    • J-2 Transactional Data Reporting and Contract Access Fee
    • J-3 Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) Deliverables
    • J-4 Department of Defense Required Provisions and Clauses for Task Orders
    • J-5 OASIS+ Task Order Clause and Provision Matrix

Have a question about solicitations?

Visit the OASIS+ Interact Community and search “industry Q&A” to review answered questions from the seller community. If you’re unable to find your question from the industry Q&As, please contact

Last updated: March 18, 2024