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Compete for task orders

You will monitor and respond to task order solicitations through the OASIS+ Submission Portal (OSP).

Symphony is the required task order management tool for the One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services Plus (OASIS+) program. Symphony is the only manner in which to respond to task order Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Information (RFIs), and other market research requests. It is also the source of the OASIS+ Contractor List, which shows who is on each contract – this information can help you compete for task orders. OASIS+ contractor information is updated weekly.

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Tips on networking with federal agencies

Your success with the OASIS+ contract program depends upon your successful marketing and business development efforts. GSA cannot market your OASIS+ contract for you, but we have provided tips and resources to help you develop a successful marketing strategy for your OASIS+ contract. The GSA Vendor Support Center is full of helpful resources and information about a wide range of topics including market research, exposure, and bidding opportunities.

Before you get started, ask yourself the following questions to decide where to focus your efforts and resources:

  • How will customers find you?
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?
  • How will you connect with government customers?
  • How will you shape a successful marketing and business development strategy?
  • How can companies partner with GSA and be a better provider to federal customers?
  • What resources are available to help me become a successful marketer?

How will customers find you?

They will find you in Symphony, the task order management system used by GSA’s OASIS+ Program. Ensure you keep your vendor profile up-to-date so federal agencies can easily see your core competencies and expert knowledge and skills.

How will you connect with government customers?

Attend ‘Industry Days’

Agency buyers often conduct industry days for their requirements to provide details on what, when, and how the government is seeking contractor support, and specific mission needs contractors can address. Industry days also offer opportunities to meet one-on-one with program personnel. Some include question-and-answer sessions with valuable information on the procurement and upcoming opportunities.

‘Industry Days’ are your opportunity to:

  • Help inform government personnel about commercial (or other) best practices, and specifications for the project;
  • Demonstrate your interest in the procurement;
  • Market your company’s core competencies and specific project knowledge;
  • Network with other businesses for potential partnering opportunities, that may assist in:
    • Making your offer more competitive through teaming, and/or
    • Achieving compliance with (for SBs) FAR 52.219-14 or for “other than small businesses,” networking with SBs to help meet your subcontracting plan goals. The acquisition community is small, and can become stronger through networking and working in concert, to achieve results that meet contract requirements for the good of our government.

Connect with agency small business offices

Every federal agency has an office assigned to help small businesses access procurements reserved exclusively for small businesses’ participation. For example, we have national and regional small business representatives, and most military bases have local offices to assist small businesses with procurements. Reach out to these offices if you would like to do business with that agency. Ask about upcoming industry days, small business outreach events, procurement pipeline information, and the best ways to stay apprised of their business opportunities.

Use the services of APEX Accelerators

The APEX Accelerators program, formerly known as Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP), under management of the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP), plays a critical role in the department’s efforts to identify and helps a wide range of businesses enter and participate in the defense supply-chain. The program provides the education and training to ensure that all businesses become capable of participating in federal, state, and local government contracts.

Respond to RFIs

Responding to RFIs is critical because it serves to ensure your interest in the procurement is known! Contracting officers are using RFIs (and industry days) to help make very important acquisition strategy decisions. COs are determining strategy elements such as:

  • What NAICS represents the principal purpose of the work;
  • Is there an existing contract vehicle that supports the scope of the procurement;
  • How many contractors in each socioeconomic group are able to meet their requirements - leading to the decision “should this be a SB or other socioeconomic set-aside” (i.e., can I meet the “Rule of Two”) and more.

RFIs can take time to respond to, and sometimes things won’t get set-aside even if you respond, but do not let one pass you by – they are too important: an RFI isn’t a solicitation, which means you can get in on the forefront of acquisition planning and share your capabilities, your knowledge and experience, and have the opportunity to help shape the procurement by responding and showing interest. Responding to RFIs shows the customer there is interest within the OASIS+ vendor base for their work.

Attend government conferences that align with your corporate offerings to government

It is important to network – that means strategically attending functions that can get your company recognized and connected. The ACT-IAC offers an annual conference which serves as an opportunity to do just that! Check out ACT-IAC (, and consider engaging in their functions.

The Coalition for Government Procurement is another organization that connects Government and Industry – check out The Coalition for Government Procurement for information about their events and how they can help you network in the federal marketplace.

Analyze government spending

Use the and Schedule Sales Query Plus tools to start your market research. These tools help you survey potential customers’ spending habits and identify the types of products and services they are buying.

How can companies partner with GSA and be a better provider to federal customers?

Marketing your services that are within the scope of your OASIS+ contract to federal agencies is a key way to drive opportunities to the OASIS+ program, which will increase your opportunities to compete for meaningful work. Below are requirements and tips to help you market your OASIS+ contract to federal agencies:

  • Attend OASIS+ Program Management Reviews (PMRs): these are exclusively for OASIS+ contractors and attendance is mandatory.
    • In the PMRs you will meet other OASIS+ contractors, and have the opportunity to network. They are a space to ask for business and partnership. OASIS+ is a community that has been established to deliver to federal agencies.
    • In the PMRs you will hear from and meet actual requirement owners from across the federal marketplace, who will discuss upcoming opportunities that may be within your expertise.
  • Review Sources Sought Notices and Requests for Information Notices
    • Regularly review opportunities and respond to them, recommending the procurement (if it is within the scope) be solicited under OASIS+. This will help streamline procurements for federal agencies, and provide you the opportunity to compete for orders under OASIS+ program.
  • Network, network, network
    • Network with all of the companies in your domain across all OASIS+ contract families! Send them your capabilities statements and your unique value proposition, let them get to know your company, and ask for subcontracting opportunity consideration on current or future orders.
    • Subcontracting is a great way to get your foot in the door. Review awarded orders under OASIS+ through and contact contractors who have received a contract award to see if they have subcontracting opportunities.
    • Small businesses can meet with the SBA, and get advice on how to raise business volume and market your contract.

Research potential opportunities

In the future, OASIS+ plans to establish an opportunities dashboard in Symphony. Until then, customers and vendors are encouraged to monitor the RFI, general solicitation activities in their domain and fair opportunity NAICS codes, and as the sources of information about opportunities.

Have a question about competing for task orders?

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Last updated: June 11, 2024