Biden-Harris Administration announces industry opportunities for clean construction projects in Missouri and Nebraska as part of Investing in America agenda

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) today announced it will be seeking low-embodied carbon materials for six clean construction projects across Missouri and Nebraska as part of a $20 million investment through President Biden’s Investing in America agenda. These opportunities for suppliers of clean construction materials follow the conclusion of GSA’s low embodied carbon pilot last month and are anticipated to be delivered through established construction indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts, a type of contract that allows the government to place orders as needs are identified, as long as its within scope of the parent contract. With six project design awards anticipated to move forward in January, potential suppliers of low-embodied carbon asphalt, concrete, glass and steel materials are encouraged to review the list of IDIQ contract holders

“Through GSA’s clean construction standards and the Inflation Reduction Act, we are achieving a triple win - boosting homegrown clean manufacturing jobs, reducing harmful emissions and getting a great deal for taxpayers,” said GSA Regional Administrator Denise Maes. “With over $20 million in investments across Missouri and Nebraska, these projects underscore our commitment to investing in low embodied carbon materials, expanding America’s industrial capacity for manufacturing goods and materials of the future, and creating good-paying jobs for American workers in communities across the country.”

The six projects include: 

Project Title


IRA Budget Estimate

Robert Denney Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

Lincoln, NE

Concrete, steel

[Exterior walks, ramps and bollards]

$4 million

Charles F Prevedel Federal Building

St. Louis, MO

Concrete, asphalt and steel

[Renovation and repair of ramps, curbs, sidewalks and asphalt parking lot]

$2.3 million

Roman L Hruska U.S.Courthouse

Omaha, NE

Concrete, steel

[Sidewalks, bollards]

$1.8 million

Robert A Young Federal Building

St. Louis, MO

Concrete, asphalt, steel

[ramps, curbs, asphalt, sidewalks and asphalt parking]

$3.5 million

Bannister Federal Building

Kansas City, MO

Concrete, asphalt, steel

[dock, canopy and parking lot]

$5 million

Richard Bolling Federal Building

Kansas City, MO

Concrete, asphalt, steel

[cooling tower access improvement and the replacement of the wear layer of the east parking lot]

$3.5 million

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes $3.4 billion for GSA to build, modernize, and maintain more sustainable and cost-efficient high-performance facilities. This IRA funding includes $2.15 billion specifically for low embodied carbon construction materials. GSA’s IRA projects will implement new technologies and accelerate GSA’s efforts in achieving a net-zero emissions federal building portfolio by 2045. Through these investments, GSA estimates that it could reduce carbon emissions by 2.3 million metric tons in greenhouse gas emissions. The same amount that 500,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles produce each year.

In support of the Biden-Harris Administration Federal Buy Clean Initiative, these investments are helping GSA leverage its purchasing power to spur markets for products that have substantially lower levels of embodied greenhouse gas emissions associated with their raw materials, transportation, and manufacturing — all of which occurs before GSA purchases the products.

To help industry prepare for these and other solicitations, GSA offers online resources to help vendors and suppliers understand materials requirements. GSA’s low embodied carbon program details page links to a list of projects, including the types of low-carbon materials needed at the six project sites in Missouri and Nebraska. GSA’s Inflation Reduction Act Low Embodied Carbon Material Requirements specify material attributes that satisfy contracting needs for construction services incorporating low embodied carbon funding.

GSA’s Sustainable Facilities Tool provides learning opportunities, strategies and tools, products, services, and information on materials and efficient design, including a detailed module about embodied carbon. It also includes information about Environmental Product Declarations, which GSA requires for all IRA-funded concrete, asphalt, steel, and glass materials.

A formal solicitation for construction is expected later this year, and additional opportunities for industry engagement are forthcoming.

For more information, please visit GSA’s Inflation Reduction Act webpage or contact



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