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  • How TMF is helping agencies harness artificial intelligence

    | Laurence Bafundo, TMF Executive Director
    In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that can help government agencies enhance service delivery, drive innovation, and improve decision-making. 
  • Line-item pricing data enhancing market strategies, small business success

    | Greg Rollins, FAS TDR Program Manager and Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the FAS Office of Policy and Compliance
    The Federal Acquisition Service’s work to capture better data at the line-item level is delivering tangible results.
  • EVSE Empower Week: Plug into the future, energize your skills!

    | Christie Kingsland, Executive Director, Office of Fleet Management
    GSA and the Department of Energy are helping federal agencies boost their electric vehicle charging station projects and speed up their fleet electrification efforts. We’re offering a joint  training starting August 5. Agencies can register to attend
  • GSA to host Artificial Intelligence Hackathon July 31

    | GSA Blog Team
    The General Services Administration and federal partners are hosting an AI-themed Hackathon in Washington, Atlanta, and New York City on July 31,
  • Making access to AI a priority

    | GSA Blog Team
    Keeping up with emerging tech is no easy feat, especially with artificial intelligence increasing in our daily lives. From automated assistants to self-driving cars, AI has made significant impacts on how we live and in our daily routines.
  • GSA focuses on transparent, equitable AI

    | GSA Blog Team
    Artificial intelligence is the most recent technology to create apprehension in some people, fueled by the powerful capabilities and potential use cases of this emerging technology.
  • New Procurement Co-Pilot tool helps agencies with market research

    | Charlotte Phelan, Assistant Commissioner, FAS Office of Strategy and Innovation
    A new online tool is here to make the government procurement process easier for professionals in the federal government whose job it is to buy and provide great value for taxpayers. 
  • Equity Study reaches 4000 participants

    | GSA Blog Team
    By the end of April, the Equity Study team achieved the study’s goal of recruiting 4,000 participants from demographically diverse communities. By achieving this major milestone, academic experts can now start to analyze the data.
  • Students partner with GSA to bring green to urban space

    | GSA Blog Team
    Students partner with GSA to bring green to urban space in Newark