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An internal directive is a policy or guideline that is issued by a Federal agency for its employees to follow. GSA internal directives provide clear guidance on how to carry out specific tasks or procedures. 

Internal directives cover topics such as personnel policies, procurement procedures, information security protocols, and budgeting processes. They are often issued in response to changes in laws or regulations, or to address specific issues or challenges faced by the agency.

Internal directives are an important tool for GSA to ensure that employees are following consistent and effective procedures and that they are working in compliance with federal laws and regulations. The official versions of all internal directives are stored here in the GSA Directives Library.

All GSA internal directives are managed by the GSA Internal Directives Program in the Office of Administrative Services. See GSA Order OAS 1832.1B, GSA Internal Directives Management for more information.

Delegations of Authority

Delegations of Authority are Orders that assign authority to a specific position or designee to approve or carry out actions in support of GSA's mission and programs. See the Delegations of Authority Manual for more information.

Frequently Used Directives

Number Title
2104.1B CIO CHGE 2 GSA Information Technology (IT) General Rules of Behavior
6010.1B HRM Time and Leave Administration
5770.1A OAS Local Travel Policy
5775.1 OAS CHGE 2 Foreign Travel Policy
5730.1 OAS GSA Relocation Allowances
5740.1 OAS CHGE 2 Government Travel Charge Card Program
2106.2A OSC GSA Social Media Policy
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