GSA Administrator makes major announcement in Salt Lake City

GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan stands at the podium, flanked by Regional Administrator Denise Maes.

The bare walls and torn up floors inside the historic Frank E. Moss U. S. Courthouse in Salt Lake City served as the backdrop for a major announcement on the future of this magnificent and culturally significant federal structure.

On March 12, GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan announced $50 million in additional funding through the Inflation Reduction Act to be used for low-embodied carbon (LEC) materials including concrete, glass and steel that have fewer greenhouse gas emissions associated with their production. 

Additional upgrades include emerging and sustainable technologies that will cut operational emissions and enable the historic courthouse to run on 100% electric power. The new funding will use chilled beam technology and high efficiency air handling units, plus electric boilers and water heaters to condition its spaces to reduce energy consumption.

“We’re transforming federal facilities like the Moss Courthouse into models of clean energy innovation and catalysts for the domestic manufacturing industries of the future,” said Carnahan during a press conference.

The Moss Courthouse was built in 1905 and has undergone several expansions during its lifetime. It has been undergoing a massive $116 million renovation since April 2022 to upgrade the seismic stability as well as preserve and restore the historic fabric of the building. 

“You’ve got this iconic, historic structure, that means so much to this community. It’s important to preserve its history,” said Carnahan. “This building is going to end up being one of our most efficient in the country.”

The inside of the Moss Courthouse is completely gutted but the funding will enable GSA to bring it back to its historic beauty while modernizing at the same time.

“Having been built over a hundred years ago, it should surprise no one that the building is in need of renovations, repairs and some updating,” said Region 8 Regional Administrator Denise Maes.

The Moss Courthouse will house ten federal agencies including the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services when the project is completed, which is estimated to be in the Spring of 2025.