Planning and Workplace Services

We are responsible for more than 20 million square feet of federal workspace and serve customers in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

Looking for superior workplaces at best value? GSA uses a thorough approach to real estate transactions, which includes:

  • Agency and market research to ensure all specific requirements are met or exceeded.
  • Plans for tenant finishes and space changes.
  • Assistance with budgets.
  • Quality space delivery.
  • Assist federal agencies in exploring and implementing future workplace strategies.

GSA helps federal agencies get the most out of office space

Early planning

We need to start planning with you three and a half years before your current agreement expires. For prospectus-level projects, we need to start at least five years before. Early planning is important for budgets, because it is the key to better rates, better finishes, and more effective space changes.

Timeframe before expiration Activity
42 months

Planning manager begins internal analysis, coordination and planning

36 months Planning manager and Workplace Specialist engage with the client agency by presenting proposal, Part 1 of the client project agreement, and discuss any assistance that may be required with incorporating new workplace strategies to their future space requirement.
30 months

Client agency and GSA agree to and sign the CPA.

Project's program manager initiates the project.

24 months

Project team finalizes the program of requirements with the client agency.

15 months

The parties sign the contract or contracts.

1 month

The project achieves substantial completion of the design and construction.

At expiration

The client agency moves.

Solutions through space innovation

Budget constraints, space-reduction mandates and today’s market fluctuations can create notable challenges for federal agencies. GSA can help. By rethinking your physical spaces and workplace strategies you can:

  • Reduce costs.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Improve employee engagement.
  • Optimize your federal footprint.

Workplace strategy and design solutions

The Heartland Workplace Strategy + Design Team has resources and contracts available to assist your agency with thoughtful workplace planning. We can help ensure that your workplace supports effective work, whether that occurs in the office, out in the field, at the home office, or a hybrid of locations.

More information and help

Visit GSA’s Center for Workplace Strategy.

Contact Allyson Sawatzke or 816-223-5122.

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-18