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Discover Cost-Effective, Sustainable Solutions with SFTool

| GSA Blog Team
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Going green saves green, but it’s not always easy. Human nature steers us to products and solutions that have served us well in the past, but these may not include the latest and greatest sustainability solutions. The Sustainable Facilities Tool was created by the GSA Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings to connect you with new sustainability solutions and to assist the GSA in realizing healthier, more efficient workplaces.

SFTool is an interactive website designed to show the user how to build, buy and operate green. It is structured with you in mind, offering numerous opportunities to explore how to identify and implement sustainable building practices.

Project managers can derive the most value from SFTool by using it to understand Federal sustainability requirements; build effective project delivery teams and inform project planning; educate partners and stakeholders on the benefits of considering sustainable solutions; and discover high-performance, green building options and products. The “Plan” feature of SFTool functions as the “nerve center” of the website and is a great place to jump-start your exploration.

Researching and implementing new sustainable solutions can be resource intensive, but there is a cost to falling back to the default option. Let SFTool empower you to reach beyond the default and save green by going green.  

The Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings offers interactive opportunities to facilitate a deeper level of engagement with SFTool. Check out our introductory video and Green the Building, an educational and interactive workplace game. Reach out with questions or feedback, and follow us on social media to learn more.

Editor’s Note: As steward to over 1500 Federal buildings — including many irreplaceable historic buildings in low-lying and other at-risk areas — the U.S. General Services Administration is sensitive to the threat of climate change. Fortunately, as the government’s leading supplier of utilities, buildings, and vehicles GSA also has opportunities to protect our environment.This week, to celebrate Earth Day 2016, we will be highlighting GSA’s efforts to combat climate change and protect our planet.