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GSA ReverseAuctions Open Market Changes Mean Even More Savings To Customers And Taxpayers

| Erv Koehler, FAS Regional Commissioner, GSA Region 4
Post filed in: Federal Acquisition Service  |  Reverse Auctions

From day one, GSA ReverseAuctions has been a fantastic innovation for GSA’s customers. Now, a change means the government-run reverse auction tool is even more cost effective to federal, state and local agency customers. The GSA ReverseAuctions Open Market transaction fee cap has been reduced from $5,000 per line item to $1,500 per line item and Open Market auctions are assessed a nominal transaction fee of 0.75%, which is capped at $1,500 per line item value.

In a reverse auction, sellers compete to win business from agencies, with prices decreasing as the competitive auction progresses. Since it launched in 2013, GSA’s reverse auction tool has proved to be an efficient and cost-effective way for agencies to buy non-complex commodities and simple services.

Small businesses benefit, too. Last November, GSA launched ReverseAuctions Open Market and over 1,200 vendors have already registered for Open Market opportunities, with more signing on each day, including many small businesses. Please note: all new and existing GSA ReverseAuctions schedule and contract vendors must have a separate Open Market account in order to bid on GSA ReverseAuctions Open Market opportunities. Vendors can register as a new Open Market Vendor. All vendors can view Open Market auctions opportunities via Fedbizopps (FBO) web site. Again, all vendors must have a separate Open Market account on GSA ReverseAuctions to bid on Open Market auction opportunities.

To get answers to your general questions about GSA ReverseAuctions, please send an email to or call 855-372-1094. You can reach the GSA ReverseAuctions help desk Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm CT.

For Buyer or Vendor training, please contact us at or check for available classes at

And for the latest program updates, please join the GSA ReverseAuctions Community on GSA Interact.