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Continuing to Build the Technology Transformation Service

| Denise Turner Roth, Administrator
Post filed in: 18F  |  Technology Transformation Services

A little over a month ago we launched a new service at GSA – the Technology Transformation Service. The mission of the Technology Transformation Service is to help agencies navigate how to build, buy, and share user-centered and emerging technology solutions to provide seamless experiences designed for the user first. This new service is providing the foundation for our government’s digital transformation as well as partnering with other agencies to assist them in their own attempts to transform. Now that we have created a new Service, we are beginning the search for a new Commissioner that can continue to scale our efforts and further weave the organization into the fabric of the government. We will be looking for excellent candidates – from the public or private sector – who will continue to pursue our ambitious mission of improving the public’s experience with the government.

Having led the standup of the new service, Phaedra Chrousos, the current politically appointed Commissioner, will be moving on from her tour of duty, and her last day in the office will be July 15. A startup entrepreneur with a history of building companies in industries that are being disrupted, Phaedra brought that experience with her to government. The creation of the Technology Transformation Service would have not been possible without her vision and leadership. She helped scale 18F from a “minimum viable product” to an organization that agencies recognize as a critical partner in delivering services to the American public. Prior to leading this effort, Phaedra was GSA’s first Chief Customer Officer and stood up GSA’s Customer Experience Office, which has helped improve everything from tenant satisfaction in our public building portfolio to the contracting process for small businesses.

Concurrent to his role as CIO, David Shive will serve as Acting Commissioner while the search for a new Commissioner is conducted. David has been a steadfast partner of the Technology Transformation Service and 18F from the beginning. He is a strong advocate for the organization’s impact across government and a vocal proponent of the modern delivery of technology in the federal space. He will team up with 18F’s Executive Director Aaron Snow, who started as a Presidential Innovation Fellow and was a founding member of 18F. Together they will ensure the continued success and ongoing evolution of this nascent service.