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GSA’s Electrification of the Federal Fleet

| GSA Blog Team
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GSA Fleet looks forward to its major role procuring electric vehicles (EVs) for the federal fleet to proactively address the climate crisis. GSA is the mandatory source of non-tactical vehicle purchasing for the federal fleet; federal agencies must purchase from GSA, GSA’s end-to-end vehicle leasing program for the federal government includes over 227,000 vehicles. With the Biden-Harris Administration’s Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad, GSA will continue to use the federal government’s buying power to electrify  the federal fleet. 

In fact, we strongly believe we can accelerate the timeline to produce EVs for the federal fleet.  With more agencies participating in the GSA Fleet vehicle leasing program, we can become self-sustaining. The program saves agencies an average of 11 cents per mile.

We work with our automotive suppliers to offer the latest solutions to the federal marketplace. This includes commercially available advanced technology vehicles so we have a greener, more fuel-efficient fleet. We work with industry partners and the federal community to develop workable strategies to advance climate change goals.

Given this executive order and our extensive fleet operational experience and automotive industry expertise, we are working closely with federal agencies:

  • developing an aggressive action plan to rapidly electrify the federal fleet;
  • participating in White House’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) steering committee and working groups to craft the best solutions for electrifying the federal fleet and tackling charging station infrastructure; and
  • co-leading (with the Department of Energy) an interagency working group that meets monthly to tackle fleet electrification.

Currently, 35 government agencies have procured EVs from GSA Fleet. These EVs include electric sedans, cargo vans, minivans, and SUVs. 

If your agency wants to work with GSA Fleet to pursue fleet electrification, please contact us as We are ready to work with you.

Get more information regarding our GSA Fleet purchasing and leasing programs at Get specific information on charging infrastructure at