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The Right Tools for the Job: GSA’s Short-Term Equipment Rentals Keep Army Corps of Engineers On Track

| Bill Toth, Director, Office of Fleet Management
Post filed in: Federal Acquisition Service

Sometimes you need a specific tool for a one-off project, but you don’t want to buy one just to use once.

On a much larger — but similar — scale, GSA Fleet’s Short-Term Rental (STR) Program can help. We know time is money, and our team can help federal agencies quickly get work aids ranging from rock crushers to conveyor equipment to amphibious marsh excavators. 

STR’s speed and flexibility is another example of the stellar customer service we deliver to our customers. We partner with commercial rental companies to provide vehicle and equipment rental services to federal customers for their seasonal, surge, and temporary needs. 

Recently, the Army Corps of Engineers reached out to us about heavy equipment needs for two different projects, one in Michigan and another in Georgia. STR was able to make it happen within three business days instead of the weeks or months of fulfilling the contracts through the open market.

How can we move so quickly? 

STR issues Request For Quotes, and orders directly from the Multiple Award Schedule. The resulting flexibility benefits our customers because we can update types and pricing of vehicle and equipment rental modifications in real time.

And that also means our clients aren’t saddled with buying, maintaining, storing, and paying other associated costs of owning major construction equipment.

If you’re a federal agency that needs equipment rentals, visit gsa.gov/str to see how STR can help you meet your agency’s mission!