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Introducing BUY.GSA.GOV

| Sonny Hashmi, Commissioner, Federal Acquisition Service
Post filed in: Federal Acquisition Service

For years, the federal acquisition community has been asking for a simpler way to get the information it needs to make smarter purchases while saving taxpayer dollars. We bring you buy.gsa.gov: your new starting point for all things federal buying.

This buyer experience tool was built using human-centered design to address pain points in the acquisition process. It features a governmentwide effort resulting from user research and usability testing sessions that included federal agencies, vendors, and GSA's own acquisition professionals.

Key launch features include: 

  • Easier Market Research
    • Simplify how you conduct market research, find contract vehicles and vendors, and meet mission requirements or Small Business Administration targets.
  •  Documents, Templates, and Pricing Resources 
    • Get searchable templates and sample documents that help you plan your acquisition.
  • Interactive Checklist
    • Build your acquisition package with our new easy to use interactive checklist with self-help modules.

Details on buy.gsa.gov and other recent updates are available on gsa.gov/federalmarketplace.

Check back for our FMP Strategy Summer ‘22 Release with news of more exciting improvements that will make your GSA buying experience (and soon, selling experience) better!  Additionally, join our FMP Strategist Network to help shape the future of federal procurement by participating in live feedback sessions and more.