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GSA’s 10x program launches 15 new good-for-people technology projects

| 10X Team
Post filed in: Technology Transformation Services

What if an idea could change how the government works for the public? Uses technology? Delivers services? Processes data? Advances equity? 

10x — a program within GSA’s Technology Transformation Services (TTS) that transforms how the government delivers public service in the digital age — has selected 15 new projects to launch this year. We’ve collected hundreds of ideas from federal employees and are advancing this promising group of technology projects with the potential for real public impact.

The projects

Federal employees were challenged to submit ideas that align with two themes: 

  • Digital foundations, or projects that overlap infrastructure investments and technology innovation. 
  • Equity in delivery, or projects focused on providing equal access to services and elevating justice, privacy, and civil rights in federal technology. 

Each project is unique and will explore a different corner of the federal technology ecosystem and also how that ecosystem can better deliver to the public. Find the full list of selected projects here. 

Federal employees posed some fascinating questions this year. A few examples:

  • Can we make recreation more inclusive by helping individuals with disabilities locate publicly managed recreation spots that align with their needs and interests?
  • Can we help push federal research forward by demystifying the consent process for the public to participate in user interviews?
  • Can digital technology help ensure that public infrastructure projects benefit everyone, and harm no one? 
  • Can we equip federal web managers and designers with resources to deploy multilingual, plain language versions of public-facing websites?

The projects begin as simple problem statements. The most promising projects move into the next phase. Get more information about how 10x chooses projects here.

What’s next?

The next step is to staff our projects and get started with the first phase of 10x. Phase One projects are quick investigative sprints that last a few weeks. During that time, we:   

  • Identify blockers.
  • Validate the proposed idea.
  • Recommend a go/no go decision — whether or not to fund further work for Phase Two. 

Our history of impact

Since 10x started in 2015, the program has supported hundreds of projects including:

  • US Web Design System, which provides federal agencies with digital building blocks that make it easier to build accessible, mobile-friendly government websites. 
  • USA.gov’s new benefits locator tool, which helps eligible individuals find federal benefits after losing a loved one.
  • U.S. Notify, a digital notifications service that aims to allow federal benefits program staff to send customized text messages to program participants at minimal cost.

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