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  • GSA give high marks to agency supervisors

    | GSA Blog Team
    GSA’s employees ranked their supervisors highly in the most recent Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. The respect supervisors showed for their employees – and the support they provide to balance emplo
  • We should all be as happy as this 40-year public servant

    | GSA Blog Team
    Forty years is a long time to stick to anything, especially in a world where a minute is the gold standard for keeping someone’s attention. But 40 years in one organization and loving it? “I have one
  • Unsung (until now) hero shows public servant’s passion for sustainable procurement

    | GSA Blog Team
    Government acquisition and procurement is like a hive, with public servants combing through mounds of information on several websites to find goods and services that deliver quality while saving taxpa
  • GSA responds to multi-state, multi-disaster needs

    | The GSA Blog Team

    The top priority of the federal government as we work to support state and local authorities in response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is protecting the life and safety of those in impacted areas.

    The U.S. General Services Administration is responding swiftly to a variety of needs as part of the federal government’s response to recent hurricanes in the Caribbean and Gulf Coast states and territories.