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  • GSA helps federal agencies meet sustainability and climate adaptation goals

    | By Mark Lee, Assistant Commissioner, GSA FAS Office of Policy and Compliance
    Since taking office in January 2021, the Biden-Harris Administration has made addressing the climate crisis one of its top priorities. Of special interest to those of us in GSA's Federal Acquisition S...
  • Building Projects Exemplify GSA’s Commitment to Sustainability

    | GSA Blog Team
    GSA's work to improve sustainability series Part 2 | Part 1Last week, we shared some of the measures that GSA has been taking to improve sustainability across our construction projects and real estate...
  • In the business of going green (Part 1)

    | GSA Blog Team
    Often when we hear 'going green,' big, new initiatives come to mind. The electrification of the fleet. Seeking to reduce the embodied carbon impact of building materials. Or using Artificial Intellige...