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Whether you’re a new user, returning customer, or supplier interested in selling on an awarded online platform, guidance is available on how to get started.

The agencies listed in the table below are the current participants in the Commercial Platforms program. Each participating agency has granted their purchase cardholders access to the business-to-business benefits of each of the online platforms.

NOTE: The program is authorized for use exclusively by participating federal agencies and only for purchases in support of that agency’s mission. Use of the program for personal purchases is expressly prohibited.

Please review the table below for specific points of contact for your agency.

Agency name Agency contact
Administrative Conference of the United States

Jennyfer Alvarez

Bonneville Power Administration

Amber McMahon

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Gail Neyland

Defense Health Agency

Lynda Jackson

Defense Microelectronics Activity
Brian Russell
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

Dr. Omolola “Lola” Fawole

Department of Commerce Terrance Williams
Department of Education

Lindsay A. Silliman

Department of Homeland Security Lenise Cyrus
Department of Justice Please contact your bureau’s Level 1 Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC) for specific agency guidance.
Department of Labor Cassandra Mitchell
Department of the Treasury Sean McClure
Environmental Protection Agency Jennifer Cranford
Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation Andrew Grimaldi
Federal Aviation Administration Richard Cutts
Federal Housing Finance Agency Kevin Klekner
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board Tawanda Mizelle
General Services Administration Nancy Hexmoor
Health and Human Services Diana Jordan Baldwin
Housing and Urban Development

Iris Stevenson

Kimya Moore

Library of Congress James Summers
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Tracy Hall

Claire Trudell

National Science Foundation Shannon Hayes
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Dee Taylor
Office of Government Ethics Kaneisha Cunningham
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Juliet Felent
Small Business Administration Nauman Ansari
United States Agency for International Development

Mark Morgan

Zeporia Laws

U.S. Department of Agriculture Glen Kinder
Veterans Affairs Lori Thomas

Don’t see your agency? No problem! Learn how to participate below.

How to participate

If you are an Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC) or manager interested in your agency participating on a strategic-level, please email to get started.

If you are an individual GSA SmartPay® Government Purchase Card (GPC) holder, please email with the subject “New User” and the following information in the body of the email. We will then review and respond with more information on next steps.

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Agency.
  • Bureau.
  • Office/Org.
  • Phone.
  • Email.
  • A/OPC Contact.

Before you begin, please review the Participating agencies tab to look for your agency and additional information on how to participate.

GPC holders from participating agencies are encouraged to use the program’s online platforms for purchases of routine, commercial products typically made from consumer websites. Cardholders must follow existing SmartPay purchase card policies before purchasing (see FAR 13.2 and 13.301 and consult your agency champion for additional guidance). The GSA SmartPay® Government Purchase Card (GPC) is the authorized method of payment for purchases on the awarded online platforms.

When purchasing through the Commercial Platforms program, you'll find ease of access to key areas of compliance and a streamlined purchasing process.

Easy Access to Mandatory Sources and Small Business Suppliers

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Buyers must purchase products on the Procurement List from an AbilityOne participating nonprofit agency. Participating online platforms offer AbilityOne products that are easily identifiable to the purchaser.

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Small Business

Buyers need to consider items manufactured or supplied by small businesses. Participating online platforms have filters to help easily identify small business suppliers.

image of a small building for small business


Buyers must comply with FAR 8.6 regarding priorities for use of UNICOR (in excess of $3,500). Please follow your internal agency policy.

Supply Chain Risk Management Implementation

  • Restricting sales to any excluded vendor listed on
  • Incorporation of Section 889, Part A and B, in the online platform contracts, for the platform providers themselves as offerors (Note: please see this page for additional information on Section 889 implementation)
  • Leveraging existing commercial practices to combat counterfeiting and better manage supply chain risk through proactive tools and processes
  • Ongoing monitoring of post-purchase spend data to identify suspect purchases and ensuring proper education of buyers (and platforms) to prevent in the future

Enhanced Market Research Capabilities

  • Access to a wide range of product categories and detailed product information
  • Easy to use product filters highlighting environmental attributes, small business, mandatory sources, and more
  • Competitive pricing across thousands of suppliers
  • Product reviews from consumer buyers (Note: please do not post product ratings/vendor reviews, however you are welcome to consider the existing reviews during market research)

Simplified Order Placement and Closeout

  • Automatic Tax Exemption
  • Speedy Delivery
  • Simplified Order Tracking
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Dedicated Customer Service

For questions on working with the platforms, or to provide feedback regarding the partnering process or your supplier experience, email us at