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Wireless Mobility Solutions Webinar on Public Safety Solutions 11/6/23

Attend this event to learn more about wireless solutions supporting Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety. During this event you will learn more about Wireless Solutions you can trust to help your agency build mission resilience.  

Topics will include:

  • Solutions available that will help ensure your agency is better prepared for an emergency
  • How 5G will impact emergency preparedness and how you can plan for it
  • What else your agency should be aware of and considering when it comes to wireless technology for public safety and mission resilience.

Attendees will hear directly from industry partners that offer these solutions. 

For more information about GSA’s Wireless Mobility Solutions visit gsa.gov/mobility or email the team at wireless@gsa.gov

Monday, Nov 6 2023
2pm ET - 3pm ET


Online registration for this event has been closed.