Buy Green Products, Services, and Vehicles

In accordance with FAR Part 23.103, Sustainable Acquisitions, Federal agencies shall advance sustainable acquisition by ensuring new contract actions, for the supply of products and for the acquisition of services (including construction), are:

  • BioPreferred® and biobased designated products designated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA);
  • Recycled content products designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) program;
  • Energy efficient products and services, such as ENERGY STAR® certified and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)-designated products, identified by EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); and
  • Products that contain Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) chemicals or other alternatives to ozone-depleting substances and high global warming potential hydrofluorocarbons, where feasible, as identified by SNAP


  • Environmentally preferable products or services, including environmentally sustainable electronic products, that meet or exceed specifications, standards, or labels recommended by EPA through the environmentally preferable purchasing program;
  • Water efficient products and services, including WaterSense® certified products and services;
  • Safer Choice labeled products; and
  • Freight delivery services from SmartWay® Transport partners.

Sustainable services also include construction and service contracts where sustainable products are delivered, furnished for Government use, or furnished for Contractor use at a federally controlled facility. Visit GSA's Green Procurement Compilation for a comprehensive list of products and services with sustainable acquisition requirements.

To help government customers fulfill this mission, GSA makes it easy for you to buy products, services, and vehicles that meet these environmental requirements. Here are some helpful resources on how to buy green products, services and vehicles through GSA:

Last Reviewed: 2022-08-19