Lighting consumes close to 35 percent of electricity used in U.S. commercial buildings

According to EPA’s Energy Star program, lighting consumes close to 35 percent of the electricity used in U.S. commercial buildings and affects other building systems through its electrical requirements and the waste heat it produces. Upgrading lighting systems with efficient light sources, fixtures, and controls can reduce lighting energy use, improve the visual environment, and affect the sizing of HVAC and electrical systems. The GPG program is investigating the effectiveness of technologies such as Occupancy Responsive Lighting Solutions and Integrated Daylighting Systems in reducing lighting energy usage while maintaining occupant satisfaction.

Published Lighting Findings

The GPG program, in association with federal laboratories, has subjected the following technologies to real-world measurement and verification in GSA buildings. Links to published results are listed below.

*M&V Results Demonstrate Deployment Potential for GSA

Emerging Building Technologies’ two programs, Green Proving Ground (GPG) and Pilot to Portfolio (P2P), enable GSA to make sound investment decisions in next-generation building technologies based on their real-world performance.

Last Reviewed: 2021-07-08