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GSA Proving Ground

GSA Proving Ground evaluates pre- and early-commercial stage building technologies, accelerating the transition from bench-scale technology to commercial viability.

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NetZero Design

By 2020, all new GSA buildings will be designed to achieve “net zero” energy, water and/or waste. Explore GSA and external resources related to net-zero design.

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Green Roofs

Green roofs slow stormwater runoff, provide excellent insulation, and reduce the “urban heat island” effect. Tour GSA’s extensive inventory of green roofs, including some of the largest in the U.S.

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Green Procurement Compilation

Use the Green Purchasing Compilation on to identify federal green purchasing requirements, review sample solicitation language, and learn where to buy compliant products. Agencies can create custom pages with shortcuts to frequently used products.

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Buy Green Services

GSA works with service contractors of all types to incorporate green products and practices into their offerings. We also offer a wide array of solutions to directly address environmental issues, such as waste management and energy metering services.

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Buy Green Products

GSA helps customer agencies meet environmental requirements by offering thousands of green products through GSA Advantage’s Environment Aisle and GSA Global Supply.

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Green IT

Achieve your agency’s electronics stewardship goals with GSA’s offerings of electronic and telecommunications products and services that save energy, reduce e-waste, and optimize performance.

Buy Green Vehicles

Buy Green Vehicles

GSA Fleet offers thousands of low-cost, high-efficiency vehicle options to help Federal agencies meet their missions sustainably.

Alternate Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tool

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Selection

GSA offers more than 1,500 models of alternative fuel vehicles with a variety of fueling systems, from hybrid sedans to bi-fuel CNG pickup trucks.

Electric Vehicle Pilots

Electric Vehicle Pilots

GSA has incorporated over 300 all-electric vehicles and 169 charging stations (and counting) into Federal fleets.

CNG Light Truck Initiative

Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Resources

Learn more about AFVs and download GSA’s AFV Acquisition Tool to compare AFV options by size, price, fuel, availability, CO2 grams per mile, and lifetime GHG emissions.

Short Term Rental Program

Short Term Rental Program

GSA helps agencies reduce their fleet size, increase utilization, and simplify procurement with cost-effective short term rental solutions.

Car Sharing

Car Sharing Pilot Programs

GSA is testing car-sharing technologies and services to determine their effectiveness in the Federal fleet context.

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Total Workplace

Total Workplace is GSA’s integrated approach to sustainable design, flexible workspace, and office technology. To date, Total Workplace has helped agencies save over $70 million while reducing space, cutting carbon, and supporting productivity.



How can a building promote health and wellness? We are partnering with New York City’s Health Department and Active Design Program, and the US Health and Human Services to develop FITWEL, a voluntary building certification program designed to promote wellness through design, air quality, healthy food options, and exercise opportunities.

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A successful telework strategy allows employees to work productively away from the traditional office. Learn about GSA’s telework projects and see how they can apply to your agency’s workforce.

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Case Studies

Visit to learn how GSA offices across the country have designed workplaces to foster community, comfort, health, and a sense of place.

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Greening the Supply Chain

Executive Order 13693, Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, requires agencies to work with suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Adopting commercial practices for managing supply chain emissions through supplier engagement can encourage efficiency and reduce costs and risks for agencies and industry alike.

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Green Building Advisory Committee

The GSA’s Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings established the Green Building Advisory Committee (GBAC) to provide them with advice and recommendations. GBAC’s membership reflects a broad range of stakeholders including senior officials from federal agencies as well as leading green building experts from state, local, private, non-governmental, and academic sectors.

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Green Buildings Certification System Review

Every five years, GSA evaluates green building certification programs to determine the system(s) to be used across the federal government. To make this evaluation, GSA includes input from agencies, the public, and the private sector. The most recent review was completed in 2012. GSA continues to solicit input through the next review cycle in 2017.

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Electronics Stewardship

USPS Blue Earth Program
A group of federal recycling programs, USPS BlueEarth is coordinated by the US Postal Service® to support sustainability initiatives. These initiatives assist in helping federal agencies and their employees properly dispose of items like empty ink cartridges and unwanted small electronics.

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Executive Orders and Statutes:

Executive Order 13693
Visit the enriched version of the executive order, which includes “hot annotations” such as elaborations on policy, explanatory texts, and links to resources.

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Sustainability Measures

GSA tracks and reports progress on sustainability measures to the Office of Management and Budget and Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program, as required by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Agency progress is summarized in GSA’s latest Scorecard on Efficient Federal Operations.

The Office of Federal Sustainability also publishes GSA’s historical progress on the following measures:

  • Building Energy Intensity
  • Potable Water Intensity
  • Renewable Electricity Use
  • Investment in Facility Efficiency Improvements
  • High Performance Sustainable Buildings
  • Fleet Petroleum Reduction and Alternative Fuel
  • Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions