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When federal purchasers hear about “green services,” they usually have one of two things in mind.

  • Services that directly address environmental issues, such as waste management or energy metering services; or
  • Construction or service contracts where sustainable products are delivered, furnished for Government use, or furnished for Contractor use at a federally controlled facility.

Requirements and Policy

Federal Acquisition Regulation

In accordance with FAR Part 23, service contracts must require the use or supply of sustainable products covered by certain Federal environmental programs, when applicable. Sustainable products include energy efficient, recycled content, water efficient, biobased, and other environmentally preferable products. The GSA Green Procurement Compilation summarizes sustainable acquisition requirements and offers additional guidance on how to include environmental considerations in Federal service contracts.

Executive Orders

Executive Order 13834 Efficient Federal Operations, requires that agencies acquire, use, and dispose of products and services in accordance with statutory mandates for purchasing preference, FAR requirements, and other applicable Federal procurement policies.

Find and Purchase

GSA Multiple Award Schedule

Through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program, agencies can contract with environmental services providers to plan for strategic environmental performance, manage greenhouse gases, develop sustainable buildings, manage water efficiently, maintain green fleets and transportation, pollution prevention, and waste reduction. Examples of these offerings include:

  • Environmental Services: Hire industry experts to meet agency environmental requirements in pollution prevention, HAZMAT, electronics stewardship, and other areas, including environmental consulting, environmental management training, materials and waste recycling and disposal, geographic information systems services, remediation and reclamation.
  • Facilities Maintenance and Management: Maintain and manage greener facilities with comprehensive energy management, water conservation and support services, including building commissioning, energy audits, energy management planning and strategies, energy program support, innovations in energy, introduction of new services, metering services, resource efficiency management, training on energy management, water conservation.
  • Facilities Solutions, including facility management, facility and energy solutions including energy saving performance contracts, management systems.

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Last Reviewed: 2020-11-27