About Pilot to Portfolio (P2P)

Deciding which emerging technologies to deploy in your building, not to mention deploying them, requires a universe of technical information as well as training and guidance. Pilot to Portfolio program provides much of what you need. Pilot to Portfolio captures and conveys information through a variety of tools available to GSA. They can be accessed through GSA’s internal website, Insite.

Pilot to Portfolio, P2P supports GSA deployment of proven innovative technologies. Process influence
Advocate and support the introduction of next-generation technologies at key
lifecycle entry points— new construction, retrofits, end of life replacement. Portfolio analysis
Utilize existing GSA databases to identify buildings with:
Aging, inefficient equipment
Tenant comfort issues.Project initiation support
Support project and property managers with:Selecting innovative technologies
Technology specifications
IT security approval. Dynamic training
Provide dynamic training resources for architects, engineers, asset managers. Monthly Webinars & Newsletters, Interactive Data Visualizations, Regional Presentations. [PDF - 189 KB]

Last Reviewed: 2019-12-02